Countryside Christian Church currently supports 8 mission organizations and missionary families. Through this support, we can help to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to people outside of our own community.

 Caribe Christian Mission, Puerto Rico
 Jane Ramirez continues to carry on the ministries of her late husband Jesus "Chuy" in Puerto Rico.  She is a teacher, translator, board member and  supporter  of various  Christian ministries in Puerto Rico.

 International Disaster Emergency Services
 IDES has been providing disaster relief around the world since 1973. While they meet physical needs, they also meet spiritual needs by sharing God's love.

Me & My House Outreach

Me and My House Outreach is located in Manzanillo, Mexico.  Josh and Susan Sanchez are the missionaries there.  “We hope to establish a functioning, self-supporting body of Christ that consists of an Eldership, with a weekly meeting, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Bible Studies and Cell Groups so that a healthy patter and example is established for the congregations to continue growing as we can continue church planting in another area of the city within 5 years.” 

Lincoln Christian University
 Lincoln Christian University trains preachers, missionaries, and other Christian workers for service and leadership. LCU has provided guest speakers to Countryside Christian and has hosted events for Jr/Sr High that many of our youth have attended. We have had several of our members attend Lincoln Christian University in the past.

Norm and Jill Weatherhead
  Norm and Jill are working for Pioneer Bible Translators for Papua New Guinea. They have been a part of the recent translation of the gospel of Mark into the native language of the Nend language group in the village of Pasinkap. While living in Calgary, Alberta, Norm splits his time between Calgary, Dallas, and PNG to continue his translation work.

Outreach International
  Outreach International sends missionaries to many countries. They work to start missions and churches in areas around the world.  It is their goal to have missionary work in a new country and/or area every year.

Rock River Christian Camp
  This is our local church camp. A week of camp at RRCC means youth can meet friends their own age, and Christian adults they can look up to, and learn about God and His Word. Some camps are held off-campus, such as white water rafting and bicycling trips. RRCC also has family camps and various retreats for adults

URICMA and Food Pantry
  The Upper Rock Island County Ministerial Association is active in helping needy families at various times.